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by Ty Acierto

Editing The Modern Wedding Photography

Let's talk about Editing! While I often use an editing style that I see fit for a particular event, I'm also versatile and can conform to a certain style that the couple desire. Below are just some of the modern trends of photo-editing that are popular within the wedding photography circles; The Light and Airy, The Nostalgic Film-Look (Dark and Moody) and the Color-Faithful . 



Light and Airy
Light and Airy.jpg
Light and Airy.jpg

LIGHT AND AIRY: A modern favorite and a winning trend! This style reminds me of Claude Monet's paintings; his use of the ocean green and pale color palette. You've probably seen this type of editing in countless wedding magazines and in many of the higher-end Professional Photographer's Portfolio. This type of editing gives the illusion of brightness and clean look because it favors the negative space (the air) within the composition, almost seemingly rejecting the darker values altogether.  As a result, the photographs can look quite "Dreamy". Compare to the barely retouched photos above, this style lifts the dark shadows to accentuate the lighter value in the frame, leaving us (to that effect) a lighting composition that's pretty close to a 1:1 ratio. 

Nostalgic Film Look
Nostalgic Film Look
Nostalgic Film Look.jpg

THE FILM-LOOK/ DARK AND MOODY: Let me just disclose that there are no official names for the color schemes that I'm discussing here. Heck, we can even call this "Mary's Warm Tone Look" for namesake! If you're into a warmer tone and preserving the shadows of your photos then this style is for you. The colors, although desaturated, is still within the threshold of the subjects true color value. This style is increasingly becoming popular, thanks to the celebrities in social media who seem to be embracing the nostalgic look that emulates the photos taken with film negatives. Personally, I adore this type of editing where nature is a big part of aesthetics. This is an ideal editing choice for portraits in a lush green or golden fields backdrop especially during the magic sunset hour. This type of editing also works well with urban settings and city landscapes.


Color Faithful
Color Faithful
Color Faithful.jpg

COLOR FAITHFUL/TIMELESS: The color-faithful type of editing aims to balance the contrast and highlights, all while adhering to the original color of the subjects in the frame. It is important to note that as simple as this editing style sounds, this type of photography actually requires a meticulous approach. For example, if you prefer not to have the color of your bouquet to be altered in post-processing (because you spent a whole year trying to find the right shade of blue for that ribbon) then it's best to mention this approach to your Photographer. This may well be the best option for you! The lighting and exposure need to be as close to perfection as possible. Simply put, "Fixing it in post-production" type of approach may not bode well for the editor if the event was covered with a "Bright and Airy" style in mind. The shadows, the dark values and highlights are the elements that the editor pay the most attention to during post-production process with this editing choice. I favor this style for couples who desire very little editing to their photographs. This is also advisable if you prefer to preserve the look of your photographs as close to the RAW files with very minor adjustments. 


Well, there you have it! Just some of the current editing trends for your wedding photography. Again, bear in mind that these are only sample editing styles and there are tons of other options that are out there. The only rule is to follow what you desire. No photographer should ever dictate what type of mood to integrate to your photos unless you've given them the full responsibility and freedom to do so. I give free consultations so please don't hesitate to reach out to me if you have any questions in finding your wedding photographer. Even if I'm NOT your photographer, I'm happy to lend a helping hand and share my knowledge to you so that you can make an informed decision when hiring your Photographer! Contact me anytime if you need help with your Wedding Photography planning. 


Ty Acierto

Lead Photographer/Owner

Many can take photos but few can tell lasting stories. Contact me for a free consultation.

It's your Big Day! Don't compromise, hire a Professional!


My credentials below: 



I'm a member of Professional Photographer's of America

Member of National Alliance of Event Planners

Filmmaker at  Cinebandits  Film Entertainment 

Owner of Prudence Photography



773 592 9476



Awards: 2017, 2018, 2019 The Knot Magazine

Best Chicago Photographers Yelp and

Wedding Wire

Featured in  Express Magazine Maharani Weddings 

Voyage Chicago, ChicagoStyle weddings Magazine, Carats&Cake



Chicago Wedding Photographer   Ty Acierto is the owner and Lead Photographer of Prudence Photography for 9 years straight! He's a member of Professional Photographers of America and a Columbia College of Chicago Alumni. He feels weird talking in the third person so he's switching now...

Phew! much better! Let's restart, I'm Ty Acierto, I'm a Professional Photographer based in Chicago and I also travel in all States. Some of the weddings I have covered over the years include Indian Weddings, South East Asian Weddings, Traditional American Weddings, Polish, Asian, Muslim Weddings, Jewish and Latin-American Weddings. I shoot in candid/ Photojournalistic style. I blend contemporary, modern and classic approach when composing my shots. Most importantly though, I'm a versatile Photographer and I love to hear what you're looking for! Let's chat!



About Prudence Photography

The song "Dear Prudence" written by John Lennon of  The Beatles was the inspiration for the name Prudence Photography!  Founded in 2007, Prudence Photography grew to become a full-time photography business from its humble beginnings as a portrait photography studio. Prudence Photography offers photography service for weddings, portraits, special events, and formal/informal Corporate events, Engagement Photography and Save-the-Dates



Why Choose Prudence Photography

Honesty in service and professionalism are the very foundation of Prudence Photography. My company is a licensed and insured photography business located in Chicago, Illinois. I only reserve a limited number of events and projects per month to maintain the consistency and quality of work. While my style is fluid and up-to-date with the current trend, I do make sure that I conform to your theme and not force my style that may not rightfully represent you, your partner or the people that you’re with. I'm very flexible with pricing too and can customize based on your photography needs.


I love to hear from you!


Prudence Photography is a Licensed business in Chicago, Illinois.

The company name and logo is a trademark of

Prudence Photography. Copyright 2019





Review Excerpts from "The Knot" Website :

     Reviewed On 3/08/2016 


Ty is an absolutely fabulous photographer! He's very detail oriented, he knows exactly the right pose and lighting to highlight your best features. He was extremely prompt and professional. The pictures were sent in a very timely manner and he made sure we loved them! I would highly recommend him to anyone looking for a responsible and creative photoghrapher. His work is excellent!! Thank you Ty !!!! :)


     Reviewed On 2/02/2016 Shannon G

Ty is an AMAZING photographer. He has a great eye for the photos and really gets the best shot. During my wedding he took photos that I didn't even know he was there to capture. The editing he does is really top notch and high resolution. He is so kind and is great atcommunicating. There wasn't a single regret that I had hiring Ty as my wedding photographer and will not hesitate to hire him for any event in the future


     Reviewed On 12/04/2015 Aaron S

Ty is wonderful to work with. He got back to me very quickly & gladly answered all my crazy questions. He has very creative ideas & he made us feel comfortable while taking them. The photos turned out wonderful & we got them back in a timely manner. Price was great. I would definitely recommend!


     Reviewed On 11/22/2015 María G

My husband and I are from outside USA, we decided to get marry in Chicago because we engaged there last year, our magic moment happened in a beautiful city and felt we had to come back ☺ We married on July 25th, 2015 and Ty was in charge of capture every moment during our special day. He is just the best, very professional and creative, natural and sophisticated shots! The passion that Ty feels for his job is what makes your pictures look so beautiful and unique. Remember that your wedding pictures and photo album are what you keep forever, what you show and share with family and friends. I highly recommend Ty and Prudence Photography ☺


     Reviewed On 11/03/2015 Lisa W

We had to find a photographer in a hurry due to a cancellation, and Ty was the first to get back to me just minutes after I requested a quote...and we could not have been happier with Ty & Prudence Photography! My husband and I were married in Chicago on Oct. 10, 2015. Ty was a dream to work with. He was familiar with both of my venues and I honestly think he had as much fun shooting the wedding as we did. I was able to see some of the proofs on his face book page and received a flash drive with the photos in the mail not too long after. ALL of the photos are just beautiful. You can really tell he loves what he does and is not just taking pictures. Thank you Ty and we look forward to working with you again in the future!


     Reviewed On 10/28/2015 

II am very impressed with Ty's work from the beginning so I booked him to photographed our special day. I did my research and read a lot of great reviews about his work on yelp and The Knot. Ty is a creative genius and he can always come up with something creative out of theleast creative circumstances! I was in a very cramped room in my hotel along with my bridesmaids and, of course, everything is littered with our belongings, snacks etc. hardly any place to come up with creative shots! He made it work and more than prepared for situations like that. I am in disbelief when I got the photos, specially the "Getting ready" part where everything turned out to be so elegant! He is very detailed and professional and yes, it's true what they say about him, he's very FRIENDLY. Of all the vendors I hired to participate in my wedding, I feel that Prudence Photography is the one vendor where I feel I got more of what I paid for. I love the photographs! I love the candid and photojournalistic style! I love my photo album! Ty, thank you for making our wedding day great with the pictures you took, we will cherish this forever. Hope to work with you again!


     Reviewed On 10/27/2015 

Ty took our wedding photos last month and he was really really helpful in organizing our photography needs and making our big day less stressful and more fun! He's creative, and an artist! I love his work etiquette, prompt, professional, funny and friendly! He loves what he does and will go the extra length to make sure our photographs will look their best. I highly recommend Prudence Photography, Ty and his team are the best. I will use them again for our maternity shoot! He's the best photographer for the price range, anywhere else would charge us upwards $3000 (We reserved early so we got the discount package with Prudence Photography). He gives free consultation so give his studio a try! He will not disappoint!


     Reviewed On 10/20/2015 Amy S

We have used Ty for several photo sessions now and love his photos more each time. He is so professional. On time, prepared ... But he is also an artist. The photos are always beautiful. The colors are brilliant and the lighting and angles are stunning. You can tell he loves taking photos... He sent us some previews the night of our wedding!


     Reviewed On 10/20/2015 Amy S

We have used Ty for several photo sessions now and love his photos more each time. He is so professional. On time, prepared ... But he is also an artist. The photos are always beautiful. The colors are brilliant and the lighting and angles are stunning. You can tell he loves taking photos... He sent us some previews the night of our wedding!


     Reviewed On 9/30/2015 Roopali J

We really loved working with Ty! He was so attentive and understanding of our traditions and what needed to be captured during traditional Hindu ceremony events! I could not recommend him more! When we ran a little over, he was very understanding and did not try and get out of there - this is much appreciated by a bride since hardly anything runs on time! We also were able to see some highlight photos in less than 2 weeks from our event and the full CD of photos was sent at exactly 2 weeks which is extremely quick and again, much appreciated by an antsy bride. Really, Ty is a wonderful wonderful photographer and great business owner. Work with him and you ABSOLUTELY will not regret it!


     Reviewed On 7/07/2015 Deanna L

Ty was such a great photographer for our wedding. It was really important to me to find someone who would allow me to keep my digital originals which he was happy to do. The whole process was really great. We met with him and really liked his photography style which is more photojournalistic than portraiture which we liked because we wanted a big fun party feel more than a formal feel. I also really liked his vivid colors, especially since our venue was inside and rather dark. Ty was really good to communicate with us in the lead up to the wedding. The day of the wedding, Ty came and brought an assistant as well. They were really nice and accomodating. They were also unobtrusive which was very important to my husband. I really don't remember them getting most of the shots I saw later. One of my family friends was unable to attend the wedding and when we showed her the pictures that Ty took, she got emotional and said she felt like she had gotten to see it after all. I don't have a single negative thing to say about Ty or the process. I highly recommend him for your photography needs.


     Reviewed On 6/24/2015 

Ty is such an amazing photographer! His talent by far exceeds all the other photographers I have ever worked with. He captured every moment in a brilliant and unique way. There is no comparison. Ty is the real deal, he is very friendly and is a joy to work with- A completeprofessional. If you're looking for the best photography, no need to look further . Ty will bring your moments to life and you will truly be pleased. I plan to book him for any future projects. Ty, thank you for allowing us to re-live these wonderful moments that you captured on a very joyous moment in our lives. 5/1/15


     Reviewed On 1/20/2015 

We had Ty as our wedding photographer. Not only did he captured our moments elegantly, he did it so with creativity and passion. The colors look really vibrant and the framing is impeccable! Prudence Photography has a fast turn-around. When we were looking for quotes, other photographer gave us a 2 month turnaround and even 3 months!! Ty finished our photographs in a matter of week. Ty is friendly, professional and always ready. What I like about him is that I didn't feel as though I hired a stranger to photograph one of the most important days of my life, I felt as though I hired a trusted friend to capture our priceless memories. Look no further, book your event with Prudence Photo. They have the best value for the quality that most photographers charge above $3k dollars. Thank you Ty, Thank you Prudence Photo:)


     Reviewed On 1/14/2015 Audrey H

Ty was an awesome photographer. He is so helpful and super attentive. There are a lot of photographers in the Chicago area who charge an arm and a leg for just mediocre photos. He has an eye for photography and I absolutely love that he worked with me in the engagement photo locations even though it was freezing. I recommend him to everyone. He's been in photography for 8 years and it really shows. I can't wait to get married in May and him photograph my wedding. It will be just lovely. Awesome business.


     Reviewed On 1/08/2015 

Research and months of research! There are tons of photographers out there and after much contemplating I thought Prudence Photography's service is right around what I'm looking for. And they didn't disappoint!! Ty is the lead photographer who captured the most memorablemoments in my wedding. He is funny, very comfortable person to work with and truly humble. His creative works is stunning and he enjoys taking photographs so much! it shows, that he went so far as to extend his time just to make sure he gets the priceless moments at no extra cost. A true professional and a pleasure to have as a photographer. So if you're out there doing your research for the best price and best quality, save yourself the time, make sure to have Prudence Photography take care of your photography needs!! I'll be hiring them again for my next event!


     Reviewed On 1/07/2015 

My husband and I were married downtown at the Chicago Cultural Center. I requested that Ty capture our special moment, followed-up with a mini family shoot that included our 8-month-old baby boy and wanted it to have a holiday feel. Ty not only did a great job photographing the ceremony making a not so typical setting look tasteful and gasp, might I say eloquent but also did a fantastic job of capturing the beauty of the building, all while keeping up as the main focus of the picture(s). He was also able to incorporate my requested Christmas feel using the minimal décor that the facility had put-up for the holidays, without making it look tacky or cliché. In addition, by the time we did family photos, my son was very close to a full melt down and Ty remained patient and worked with him until he got just the right shot. I cannot speak highly enough of Ty, starting from my first email exchange with him. He was prompt, thorough and very patient with my never-ending questions. He went above and beyond my expectations and was incredibly quick at processing and enhancing all our photos. I would happily recommend and use his services again!

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